How do I apply for the Tuition-Free Community College Plan?

  • Filling out the application is easy. Once you've submitted the application, though, it's very important that you complete the next steps that will determine your eligibility. Success Boston or your guidance counselor can help you complete these steps in a timely manner.

    1) Fill out the Tuition-Free Community College Plan application 

    • The application is fast and easy. Just be sure to submit both parts of the application by the appropriate deadline.
    • The deadline to apply for the Fall semester is August 15. 
    • The deadline to apply for the Spring semester is January 5.

    Students who plan to apply to BHCC, MassBay, or RCC can apply for the Tuition-Free Community College Plan online:

    Fill out the online application. You will need a Gmail account to access this online application. If you do not have one, you can create a Gmail account for free here. Please contact the Office of Workforce Development with questions at Included in the application is an authorization form that allows you to release your data to the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development (OWD) to use for eligibility determinations and program improvement.

    Students who plan to apply to BFIT can apply for the Tuition-Free Community College Plan directly through the school’s financial aid office: 

    Contact the BFIT Office of Financial Aid at or 617-588-1368 and indicate your interest in the Tuition-Free Community College Plan. Your final eligibility for the plan will be verified once you complete the following tasks.

    2) Complete the FAFSA 

    All U.S. citizens and permanent residents applying for the Tuition-Free Community College Plan will need to submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The FAFSA can tell you whether you're eligible for a Pell Grant, which is one of the requirements of the Tuition-Free Community College Plan. The earlier you complete the FAFSA, the sooner you will know what financial aid you're eligible for. Learn more about the FAFSA here.

    3)Apply to Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC), MassBay Community College, Roxbury Community College (RCC), or Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT) 

    All four colleges are open admission, meaning you can apply at any time. However, if you apply too late, you may miss the chance to register for the classes you want to take. You should aim to apply to BHCC, apply to MassBay, apply to RCC, or apply to BFIT before the start of classes. (For those students applying to RCC, please be sure to complete the following on the RCC application: For Question #86, please check academic, student account, and financial aid information. For Question #87, please enter "Mayor's Office of Workforce Development".)

    Once you are accepted, your college will send you information on the next two steps: taking college placement tests and registering for classes.

    4) Take college placement testing

    College placement testing determines whether you will need to take developmental classes to prepare for college-level courses. You will need to set up an appointment for testing at BHCC, testing at MassBay, testing at RCC, or testing at BFIT, depending on which college you plan to attend. At all four colleges, the major component of college placement testing is the Accuplacer test. This is an important test to study for, because to be eligible for the Tuition-Free Community College Plan, you'll have to start the semester needing no more than three developmental classes. You can learn more about the Accuplacer here.

    5) Register for college classes 

    Classes fill up the longer you wait, so register as soon as you can to ensure you can take the college classes you want or need!

    After you apply, the Mayor's Office of Workforce Development will notify you whether you are eligible or ineligible for the plan. The sooner you complete the steps above, the sooner you can learn whether the Tuition-Free Community College Plan help cover your college costs.