Celtics Stay in School Program

    The Boston Celtics Stay in School program is presented by Arbella Insurance and is a collaboration of efforts from the Celtics, the New England Sports Museum, the Northeastern University Center for the Study of Sport in Society and the Boston Public Schools. Participation in the Stay in School program includes 27 public middle schools in Boston.
    Based on the premise that children are influenced by sports figures, the Stay in School program uses athletes to encourage good attendance, which plays an instrumental role in determining future scholastic success.
    At five assesmblies during the academic year, Celtics players and coaches visit and deliver a special program using the acronym "PRIDE" (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Decisions, Education). At the end of each year, the top 1,000 students are honored for their attendance and academic accomplishments at a celebration.
    Students are rewarded each month for perfect attendance and on-time arrival for school. In addition to this, students are encouraged to strengthen their writing skills by submitting essays on given topics, as well as submit art drawings.
    This information was taken directly from the Celtics Stay in School Program website, which can be referred to for more information.