The Preschool Expansion Grant

  • WG Head Start
    The Preschool Expansion Grant supports communities in developing partnerships between their public school district and community-based early education and care programs that will serve as models for expanding preschool to all 4-year-olds from low-income families in that state.  The funding also supports quality improvements in outreach and coordination of comprehensive services, assuring that young children's development is supported and advanced in their home environments as well as in preschool settings. 

Closing Access Gaps in Early Childhood

  •  Classes are divided into small groups where student are able to explain by demonstrating new ideas and skill.   
    Internal and independent studies reveal that enrolling in education earlier than K2 has positive impacts on student performance in both the short and long terms. The positive effects of early learning programs on student achievement apply to all students, including English Language Learners and students with disabilities. 
    Through this grant, the Boston Public Schools provides preschool services to more than 300 4 year old children residing in the City of Boston via a partnership with community learning partners. The partners are the direct service providers for the early learning services while the Boston Public Schools Department of Early Childhood provides coaching, curriculum, and professional development support in addition to oversight and monitoring. For more information, please visit the Department of Early Childhood's website.

Preschool Expansion Grant Fast Facts

  • Funder: Federal though the State
    Award Amount: $16 million for 4 years. FY18 is year 3 of 4.
    Number of Students Served: Approximately 275 per year
    Schools Served: 9 community-based organizations including Partnership with Action for Boston Community Development, Nurtury, and YMCAs of Greater Boston

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Sample Teaching Strategy

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    The 4 Reads (Specific Strategies for Each Read) 
    First Read: Orientation, convey meaning & employment. Key Vocabulary explained
    Second Read: Children reconstruct story. Discussion questions focus on events and characters.
    Third Read: "Chime-In" ; teacher supports phonological cues; use of inferential questions
    Fourth Read: Acting out of Story