Summer & After School Programs

  • What We Do

    OEL provides before/after and summer school programming for compensatory students, SLIFE, ELSWD and other EL students in need of additional support. Compensatory students are students who were not identified previously as EL students because he/she was deemed to have "opted out" of the District's EL programs and services.

    Our vision is to provide extended learning time for ELs with a focus on compensatory students so they receive the services that they originally did not have access to.

    Some of the basic components of the program consisted of the following:

    • Implementing Program Monitoring Toolkits as a method to gather data on student enrollment, attendance, lesson plans, and teaching hours
    • Collaborating with the Curriculum Associates iReady team to integrate Pre and Post language assessments across all programs (K2-12) as well as provide Common Core aligned blended learning opportunities for ELLs in grades K2-8.
    • Offering professional development opportunities to ensure that teachers are equipped to utilize iReady assessments.  
    • Creating a unified and revised OEL After School and Summer Observation Tool  to assess programming and quality of instruction.
    • Collaborating with BPS Nutrition Services to connect OELL After School programs with after school snacks for students
    • Ongoing collaboration between relevant BPS central departments such as the Office of Human Capital to confirm teacher ESL and SEI certification and the Budget office to process teacher stipends