About Parent University

  • Parent University is designed to educate and empower parents as partners, advocates, leaders, lifelong learners and their children's first teachers . Our mission is to equip families to partner with schools and district leaders, ensuring every child has access to a quality education. 

    Theory of Change 

    If we provide all BPS parents with knowledge and experience that builds their capacity to advocate and support their children's learning and their own personal learning, then parents will become more engaged and intentional in demanding and supporting quality education for their children in ways that result in improved student outcomes and encourage continuous school improvement.
    Workshop Categorization: 
    • Parents are Teachers – Parents learn how children grow and learn and the teaching and learning approaches used in BPS.
    • Parents are Advocates – Parents learn to advocate for children, understand standards and expectations for learning and support learning at home.
    • Parents are Leaders –  Parents learn the skills necessary to assume leadership roles in BPS schools and district level engagement governance structures.
    • Parents are Learners – Parents pursue their personal and professional goals through our office and with participating local organizations.


  • Noel Green 
    Director, Family and School Engagement Practice Team