Typing Skills & Resources

  • Students, teachers, and school administrators all agreed that typing was the one skill that students needed additional preparation before taking the PARCC assessments. The Boston Public Schools recommends students type at an average of 5 words per minute per grade level with an accuracy rate ranging from 80-95%. This page will serve as a resource to assist with instruction, assessment, and practice of student typing skills. 

    Recommended Typing Speed & Accuracy 

     Grade  WPM  Accuracy    Grade  WPM  Accuracy
     1  5 80-85% 35 90%
     2 10  80-85% 8 40 90%
     3 15 85-90%   9 45  90% 
     4 20 85-90%   10 50 90-95%
     5 25  90%   11-12 60 90-95% 

    Typing Curriculum

     typing.com logo Nitro Type logo
    Typing.com is a resource available to all BPS teachers and students for free through the Digital Backpack. Typing.com starts with very basic keyboarding skills and progresses in difficulty level as students progress. The site saves student progress and students can seemlessly log in with their Chromebook without any setup from the teacher.  Nitro Type is another free resource available through the Digital Backpack. Nitro Type also has lessons but is more game-based and students can practice their typing skills in competitions against classmates.
    If you are interested in adding a more robust typing curriculum to your school, please contact us at oiit@bostonpublicschools.org for recommendations and assistance.


  • Have a best practice? Please send them to parcc@bostonpublicschools.org ! Please include your name and school and we'll credit you on the site.