Using Chromebooks with the PARCC Assessment

  • Chromebooks provide the most stable platform for the PARCC assessments and software updates and settings are managed remotely. Donated Chromebooks can be used to deliver the PARCC assessment but require a license to be purchased for each device ahead of time.


    OS: Auto-updates
    with regular use
    Ram: 4gb+
    Screen size: 10"+
    Processor: Varies
    Java: N/A
    TestNav App

     Installed Remotely

    (see below)

    All BPS Chromebooks are purchased with the required license to be used for the PARCC assessment. If you received donated Chromebooks that you would like to use, the $30 Google management license must be purchased prior to the assessment.

    Preparing your Chromebooks

    On the day of the assessment, students will click the "Apps" link on the bottom left of the login screen to select the TestNav app. The Chromebook will lock into the test until the test is complete or the device is rebooted.


    Chromebooks update themselves with the latest version of the operating system through regular use. It is highly recommended that all devices are used regularly to receive software updates prior to the assessment window. If your Chromebook has not been used in 2 months, it is possible that the software updates will be very large and interfere with the assessment.

    Secure Testing Environment

    Our Chromebook setup this year is changing to make it easier for schools to bring in and out of testing mode. Your Chromebooks now have an “Apps” button on the bottom left of the login screen where students can select the Testnav app. The students will turn the Chromebooks on normally and select the Testnav app instead of logging in. When you are done with the test, reboot the Chromebook and login normally.

    Battery Considerations

    Chromebooks last between 6 and 8 hours, which is plenty of time for testing and schools often found they could fit in multiple sessions in a single charge.

    Donated Chromebooks

    Donated Chromebooks will not work out of the box until a Google management license is added to each Chromebook. Chromebooks that are purchased through BPS have the license built into the cost and are added to the Google Domain, which allows us to push them into “Kiosk Mode”. The cost to add them to the domain is $30 per device. If you do have donated Chromebooks that you would like to use for PARCC, please contact

    Lessons Learned

    A small number of Chromebooks had issues with an outdated version of the operating system. Schools that did not use their Chromebooks before the test found that they needed to be updated before the PARCC test would work. This just meant waiting for the laptop to automatically update itself before the test but this did cause delays with starting the test. All that you need to do to prevent this problem is to use the Chromebooks regularly.


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