• Using PCs with the PARCC AssessmentPC

    PCs have shown varied results for the PARCC assessments and depend entirely on the age and condition of the computers. Donated PCs can be used to deliver the PARCC assessment with little preparation ahead of time, especially when using the Testnav App.





    OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10
    Ram: 8gb+
    Screen size: 10"+
    Processor: Varies
    Java: Latest version

    TestNav App




    Browser and Java not required if using the TestNav app 


    Preparing your PCs

    1. Check your computers to make sure they meet the minimum system requirements by visiting http://systemcheck.parcc.testnav.com. This site will scan the computer to make sure it meets all of the system requirements.
    2. Download the new Testnav app to each PC by visiting http://download.testnav.com. This is a new application that PARCC released this year and does not require Java or a specific browser.
    3. We highly recommend closing down any program that may run in the background and running a Malware check to verify the computer does not have any virus’ or malware. If your PCs tend to have pop-ups even when they’re not being used, it’s a sign that there will likely be a problem during the test.


    Operating system: PARCC will no longer work on Windows XP so your computers will need to be running Windows 7, 8, or 10.
    Java: If you are using a browser to take the assessment, Java could be problematic and requires frequent updates. Parcc released a new app this year that does not require Java that OIIT highly recommends using.

    Secure Testing Environment

    If you are using the PARCC app (recommended) students will open the PARCC app like any other program and it will lock the computer into testing mode once they log in. If you are unable to use the app, then a browser must be used and Java is required to secure the PC into testing mode. Students will receive a URL for the PARCC assessment on their testing ticket that they will enter into the browser. When you go to this URL from the testing computer, Java will be activated and will put the computer into testing mode, essentially locking the computer into the test.


    Donated PCs

    As long as donated PCs pass the system check, they can be used with the PARCC assessment. We recommend using the Testnav app to administer the test, especially with donated devices, since both the browser and Java version may be outdated on donations.


    Lessons Learnedpopup


    We saw the most problems with PCs compared to other types of computers during the trials and previous assessments, specifically with Java updates and background software that caused pop ups. Firefox is installed by default on all BPS PCs but software added after could disrupt the test and cause problems. The PARCC app is highly recommended, especially if you are running older PCs.