Arabic Summer Academy

  • The goal of the Arabic Summer Academy is to graduate 40 high school students proficient in beginning-level Arabic, and to prepare them for further Arabic study at a BPS high school or as college students. It is an enrichment program for students during the month of July and is organized by Charlestown High School.

    Foreign language learning is incredibly important in creating global citizens who can deeply understand and empathize with other people and cultures across the world. By studying Arabic, students are not only able to communicate in a new language but they also learn about the history, culture, geography, religion, and daily life of the different groups of people in the Arab world. Plus, students get to try some new, culturally authentic foods, like hummus, falafel, and tabouleh.  

    Students at the Arabic Summer Academy at Charlestown High School engaging in different activities to learn Arabic.   

Fun Facts about the Arabic Summer Academy

    • Arabic Summer Academy is open to high school students from overall the district, meaning that we're able to serve a diverse range of students who would otherwise not be in the same classroom together
    • We go on field trips! Our classic field trip is an adventure to the open market in Haymarket Square, where students must use their Arabic to purchase fresh fruits (and/or veggies, but really, what high school student wants to buy vegetables?) from some of the Moroccan merchants who run the stalls 
    • We focus on building students' language skills so they can communicate in spontaneous, real world ways -- with students speaking and writing Arabic on Day #1
    • Our students have gone on to study Arabic at competitive colleges, with some students doing study-abroad programs in places like Aman and Marrakesh

Arabic Summer Academy Fast Facts

  • Funder: Federal - STARTALK
    Award Amount: $90,000
    Time Period: 1 year
    Number of Students Served: 40
    Schools Served: all high school students, program run out of Charlestown High School