Boston School Advisory Council

  • The Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) is a body of student leaders representing their respective high schools and serves as the voice of students to the Boston School Committee. Participating members offer their perspectives on education policies and inform their respective schools about relevant citywide school issues.

    BSAC is the primary vehicle for student voice and youth engagement across the Boston Public Schools. In recent years, BSAC has played a key role in advising the School Committee on policy, working with the Headmasters on student climate issues, and informing students of their rights and responsibilities under district rules.

    Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) is co-administered by the Office of Advancement and Youth on Board. Every BPS High School should have at least 2 students on BSAC.

    What’s the role of BSAC members?

    1. To represent his/her school at BSAC meetings and report back to his/her respective school.
    2. To keep his/her school informed about relevant citywide issues
    3. To advise the school committee as part of its decision-making process
    4. To work on policies and projects that BSAC develops during the year

    What do BSAC members do?

    • Attend meetings every Monday from 4:00-6:00 p.m. as a Steering Committee member or 2 meetings a week as a Working Group member
    • Represent their school at BSAC, School Committee, and other meetings
    • Receive valuable training and experience including public speaking, leadership, political know-how, event planning, and community organizing skills
    • Work on important issues such as:
      • School Equity
      • Student Rights and Responsibilities
      • School Discipline and Climate
      • Climate Justice
      • Transportation Equity
      • Student-to-teacher Relationships and Feedback
      • Writing for Teens in Print
      • Student Government Policy
      • BPS Budget

    Make a difference: Contact us for more information, or to recommend a student representative.