Our Core Values



    Display safe behavior in the school community, help and support each other, help to make HMS a great learning environment, and work together to keep our school clean.



    Work hard on personal goals, be responsible for your education, ask for help with homework/classwork, display a positive "I can do it" attitude, and try your best.



    Support each other, pay attention when interacting with others, display appropriate body language, use language that is helpful to each other, display self-confidence and respect for yourself.



    Support each other's diverse ways of learning, equal access to language/communication, accept each other's identity (race, religion, sexual identity), accept our differences in learning and have fair access to opportunities in the classroom and the community.



    Take pride in your school work and yourself, celebrate your successes, displaly a positive attitude towards your school community, show pride in your identity, and contribute to school activities that everyone can enjoy.