HMS Basketball Program

  • 🏀 The Horace Mann School for the Deaf has a long and storied history of basketball competition. Long-favored as the sport of choice for the Deaf community, the Horace Mann School has fielded teams as early as the 1940's.

    The Boys and Girls programs became formal teams in the late 1960's with the hiring of basketball legend Louis Bianchi, who brought legitimacy to the teams with superior coaching and formation of the Greater Boston Basketball League.

    Every season, our student-atheletes gain lifelong lessons in the value of competition, perseverance and the true meaning of teamwork. From the start, students enjoy a competitive and collaborative basketball program. Students look forward to joining the HMS Cougars beginning in middle school. Both the boys' and girls' teams allow athletes of all ages and abilities time to play and grow.

    📧 Boys Basketball Team Coaches: Ally Marcino and Rood Metellus