Nurse's Corner

  • Nurse Kimberly Brown-Lynch

    The school nurse provides skilled nursing care and management of the special needs of students as well as medication administration.  Immunization surveillance and routine health screenings are conducted annually.  Routine emergency care is provided for students and staff.  If necessary, students are referred to their primary health care provider for an evaluation.  For students with complex medical needs, the school nurse may act as a liaison for the school, home and outside medical facilities.  As an education team member, the nurse interprets medical data and provides a health plan for students' Individual Education Plans (IEPs).  The school nurse promotes student wellness and assists in maintaining a healthy school environment.
    BPS nurses support the School Health Program and its planning and implementation of all necessary health services.  We believe that all students can learn, but that a student who has achieved his/her maximum state of well-being, including physical, emotional, and mental health, can reach an even greater learning potential.-


  • Registered School Nurse

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