High School (Grades 9 - 12)

  • High School

    The Horace Mann High School program fosters knowledge, competency, and skills to prepare students for postsecondary success. Academic discourse is central to the approach in all of our classes, pushing students to engage more deeply with big ideas and to challenge their own and each other's thinking.
    Our high school bilingual language arts curriculum explores universal themes as students analyze texts in American Sign Language for connections and patterns across time, culture and genre; and composition units expand students' expressions through narrative, exposition, persuasion, poetry, and drama. In mathematics, students explore topics from the Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP), which is designed to encourage student-led, problem-centered activities where students are required to work as a math community to find their own approaches to solving practical real-world challenges. Social studies classes provide students with opportunities to engage in rich content and develop history thinking skills within United States and world history courses. In the science classroom, students are using an activity-driven approach to engage in fundamental biology concepts, thinking like scientists to develop an understanding of chemical principles, and developing important 21st century skills in a physica program that integrates science and engineering.
    Trasition specialists work with students to ensure they receive opportunities that prepare them to achieve their postsecondary goals in the areas of education, employment, and independent living. This includes support with taking courses to address specific skills, participating in various learning opportunities to gain experience, exploring areas of interest, conducting mock job interviews, connecting with service agencies available post-graduation, requesting accommodations, assisting with the college application process, and much more.