Middle School (Grades 6 - 8)

  • 📚 Our middle school program provides students with accessible and rigorous education in a supportive environment building on adolescent students' development of self-regulation and accountability.
  • 🏫 Every middle school class:
    • addresses grade level standards,
    • provides access to both American Sign Language and English, and
    • supports our diverse learners with additional accommodations.

    📝 The CARES enrichment program offered in the middle school is built into the daily schedule and provides students with frequent opportunities to receive individualized academic support from teachers, builds on their school study skills, incorporates social-emotional learning activities, and develops the organizational skills students need to prepare for successfully transitioning into the High School program. The experience of participating in Student Body Government activities also provides students with the opportunity to develop their collaboration, self-advocacy, and leadership skills.

  • 📖 Our literature curriculum is based on carefully selected themes that align with the culture, experiences, and lives of our students.

    📈 In mathematics, students explore topics from the Demos program, where they get actively involved in exploring, modeling, and communicating mathematics to connect concepts to real world applications.

    🔬In science, students engage with the science and engineering practices as they work together with teachers just as scientists do, to figure things out as a community of learners.

    ⚖️ In social studies, students explore global geography, history, and ancient civilizations in addition to studying the roots and development of the United States government and how it applies to their lives and those around them.

  • 🎓 As students reach the age of 14, they begin working with transition specialists to complete self-assessments and explore professions that match their skills, career interests, and preferences. This helps prepare students for further exploration in high school toward pathways to post-secondary education, employment, and independent living.