Elementary School (Grades 1 - 5)

  • Elementary

    The Horace Mann Elementary School program serves children between the ages of six and twelve. Our classrooms promote children's overall growth and foster lifelong learning skills through individual and group experiences. Our classrooms are student-centered learning environments that enable children to develop critical thinking and cooperative learning through multi-intelligent/differentiated learning activities. Elementary School Program at Horace Mann enables children to develop their ability to think logically, to reason and discuss, and to apply their learning in new situations. The school recognizes each student as an individual with unique academic and communicative needs. The Horace Mann strives to develop students' ability to think critically and creatively through the languages of American Sign Language (ASL), and English. Our program is consistent with the Boston Public School curricula. Instruction in reading, writing, English, ASL, mathematics, social studies and science are the basic foundations for our thematic units. Children are also involved in active learning with hands-on experiences participating in plays, field trips, gym, art, speech, and various cultural events.