Elementary School (Grades 1 - 5)

  • 🏫 The Elementary School program at HMS promotes the overall growth of children by integrating social-emotional learning throughout the school day and fostering lifelong learning skills through individual and group experiences. Our classrooms are student-centered, and enable young learners to develop critical thinking skills through differentiated learning activities.

  • 📚 In addition to following the Boston Public Schools' curricula, we continue to provide a language-rich environment where American Sign Language, spoken English, and written English are used to support and facilitate instruction.

    🔎 We use an inquiry-based approach to mathematics with the TERC Investigations 3 curriculum. Students are actively engaged in using observations and data to make sense of and explore the science in their everyday lives

    ⚖️ The rich social studies curriculum focuses on the processes of inquiry and research, while also developing the foundation for responsible citizenship.
  • 🎒 Students are also involved in active learning with hands-on experiences that include participating in plays, field trips, gym, art, various cultural events, and more. Our program prepares these young learners for a successful transition into the Middle School program.