Early Childhood Program (Pre - K)

  • Early Childhood

    The Early Childhood Program at Horace Mann School is a developmentally-based program for young learners.  We provide a language rich environment where American Sign Language, spoken English, and written English are used to support and facilitate instruction in a variety of ways.  Our program includes teachers who are trained in a variety of modalities such as American Sign Language, Oral/Aural instruction and bilingual education.  We are able to address a variety of language needs and augmentative approaches.  We work closely with our families to support learning both at school and at home.



    The K0 and K1 curriculum is based on research on how children learn, which is simple: children learn best when making choices, engaging with materials, and talking with adults and other children.  The Boston Public Schools use a combination of Opening the World of Learning (OWL) and Building Blocks (BB) math curriculum.  Through the OWL/BB curriculum, children learn foundational skills for reading, social-emotional development, science and mathematical thinking. During a typical day, the children will do whole group activities (games, songs, and poems), participate in small group skill building activities, and select from a variety of choices during center time.  This curriculum is designed to support language development, literacy skills and mathematics.



    Kindergarten is an area where we see growth and progress in many areas of each child's development.  The objectives and standards are based upon the Boston Public Schools' Kindergarten Standards.  The Kindergarten objectives are also based on the newly developed Focus on K2 curriculum created by the Boston Public Schools.  Focus on K2 is a comprehensive, integrated approach for kindergarten that combines the most current research on teaching and learning with attention to high standards for achievement.  Content such as math and literacy are taught in part through whole-group mini-lessons, but with an emphasis on hands-on, authentic learning in interdisciplinary centers, such as the Block Area, Dramatization Center, and the Art Studio.  Focus engages children's creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, and communication.  Perhaps most importantly, this approach honors the value of instilling a life-long love of learning in Boston's youngest citizens.