School Site Council at Horace Mann School

  • SSC

     What is it?

    School Site Council is the central governing body of the school. Its purpose is to create the best learning environment for students and the best school community for everyone.

     Who are the members?

    Parents, teachers, the HMS heads of school, community partners, and high school students.

     Thinking about getting involved?

    Consider getting involved in shared decision-making with Horace Mann School. School Site Council is an opportunity to collaborate and work with Horace Mann to address issues and make decisions that affect the school. Involvement includes reviewing the Quality School Plan, overseeing the school budget process, developing school policy changes, hiring staff, and reviewing school partnerships. This is also the place to share ideas and voice concerns.

     School Site Councils at BPS

    Boston Public Schools believes the best schools are the ones that invite parents and students to become partners in planning, leadership and development to ensure a quality education for every child and better reflect the communities served. Visit BPS' website for more information and resources about School Site Councils within Boston Public Schools.


Meeting Dates

  • SY 23-24 HMS Zoom Meetings
    October 16, 2023 (Elections)
    November 16, 2023
    December 14, 2023
    January 18, 2024
    February 8, 2024
    March 14, 2024
    April 11, 2024
    May 2, 2024
    In Person City Wide Meetings
    City Wide Parent Council (CPC) happen on the 4th Tuesday of each month from 6-8pm.


  • Head of School
    Dr. Michelle Eisan-Smith - Email
    Assistant Head of School
    Jennifer Greenfield - Email
    Elementary Program Director
    Melissa Brown - Email
    Secondary Program Director
    Kate Angoff - Email
    SSC Members
    Martha O'Brien - Email
    Alice Pascall-Speights - Email
    Kristin Osborne - Email
    Adrienne Shine - Email
    Donna Humphreys - Email
    Dani Horizon - Email
    Rosmira Forero-Tarquino - Email