Dual Language / Two Way Bilingual Programs

  • What We Do

    In this program model, half of students in the classroom are speakers of the program’s partner language and the other half are English speakers, taught by team of highly qualified teachers. Instruction is provided in both languages with the goal that students will become bilingual or biliterate. The program entry grade levels are K1 to 2 and 9 to 11. Students between grade levels 3 and 8 must be assessed by the school in the partner language to enter the program. English learner (EL) students also receive English Language Development (ELD) instruction, which is designed to teach English to EL students.


  • Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    The Horace Mann School (HMS) is a PreK-12 American Sign Language (ASL) and English dual language program providing an asset-driven education for deaf and hard of hearing children. Horace Mann School provides a Parent Infant Program (PIP) for families of deaf and hard of hearing children from birth to age 3, ensuring these students enter school with the early language foundation necessary for academic success. Pre-K through 12th grade students attending Horace Mann School engage with a rigorous standards-based curriculum that aligns with the current district and state frameworks preparing them for postsecondary success. Its language-rich environment allows students to learn through immersion in a community of strong language models and develop fluency in both American Sign Language and English. Horace Mann School empowers students as Deaf individuals to be lifelong learners and innovative thinkers with diverse linguistic, ethnic, and cultural identities.

    Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing website at hms1869.org.


Vietnamese Program

  • Âu Cơ Preschool 

    Âu Cơ Preschool is the first and only Vietnamese bilingual, bicultural preschool program in Massachusetts. Starting in September of 2019, Âu Cơ PreSchool joined in partnership with Boston Public Schools to become a Universal Pre-K program. Âu Cơ provides Vietnamese dual-language curriculum to the students, teaching the same curriculum as students would learn in Boston Public Schools, in both English and Vietnamese. Students who graduate from our Universal Pre-K program will have priority registration for K2 in selected BPS schools.

    Learn more about the Vietnamese Program at Âu Cơ Preschool 

    Mather Elementary School  

    The Mather Elementary School will be offering Two Way Immersion Vietnamese Dual Language Preschool Program beginning in SY21-22. Instruction is provided in two languages (Vietnamese and English) across subjects. The goals of a dual language program are to develop bilingualism and biliteracy, ensure high levels of academic achievement, and grow sociocultural competence.

    The program is adding one grade per year and currently in SY21-22 serves grades K2 through 1.  

    Learn more about the Mather Elementary School 


Haitian Creole Program

  • Mattapan Early Elementary School

    The Mattapan Early Elementary School (MEES) will be offering what is likely the first Two Way Immersion Haitian Creole Dual Language Preschool Program in the country beginning in SY17-18. Instruction is provided in two languages (Haitian Creole and English) across subjects. The goals of a dual language program are biliteracy and biculturalism. At the Mattapan Early Elementary School, the Haitian Creole Language Arts curriculum is aligned with the ‘Focus on K1’ Language Arts curriculum which is currently utilized in most preschool classrooms across the district. This centers-based curriculum promotes inquiry in the classroom supported by rich text.

    The Haitian Creole Dual Language Program will be a 70/30 model. This means that 70% of instruction is taught in Haitian Creole and 30% of instruction is taught in English. This class will be comprised of 15 students whose first language is Haitian Creole and 10 students whose first language is English.

    The program is adding one grade per year and currently in SY19-20 serves grades K1 through 1. 

    Learn more about the Haitian Creole program at MEES.
    Learn more about the Haitian Creole program at MEES (in HC).

Spanish Program

  • Hurley K-8

    The Hurley K–8 public school is a Spanish-English immersion school located in Boston’s South End. At the Hurley, we challenge students to learn in two languages and achieve academic excellence in both. Hurley’s hallmarks are a committed, talented teaching staff, an intensive language arts curriculum, a dedication to math and science fluency, a strong commitment to the arts and an innovative after school program that engages our children in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.
    Learn more about the bilingual advantage at the Hurley School 

    Margarita Muñiz Academy

    The Margarita Muñiz Academy is the first dual language high school and an Innovation School of theBoston Public Schools. Muñiz Academy is dedicated to preparing citizens and leaders who are fluent in English and Spanish. Every student will be ready for college and will contribute to the community and beyond. Muñiz Academy partners with families and community to realize our mission together.
    Learn more about the Muñiz Academy Dual Language high school program  

    Mario Umana Academy

    The Mario Umana Academy is a Dual Language school in the East Boston neighborhood, with our current students in grades K1 through 5 (growing 1 grade per year) receive instruction in both English and Spanish.
    Learn more about the Mario Umana Academy

    Sarah Greenwood

    The Dual Language program at the Sarah Greenwood runs in grades K1-7 (growing one grade per year), and has specialized student support services in Therapeutic Learning Center. The school uses Restorative Justice as their guiding philosophy for student and community support.
    Learn more about Dual Language at Sarah Greenwood

    Rafael Hernández

    The Rafael Hernández Two-Way Bilingual School is a K1-8 program committed to working with parents and the community within a diverse, nurturing environment in which students use Spanish and English as constructive tools for learning. We believe students, teachers and parents should work cooperatively to set and achieve goals that maximize each student’s potential, and that develop courageous learners, effective communicators, and responsible citizens.
    Learn more about the Rafael Hernandez School

Dual Language Programs FAQ

  • What languages are available in BPS dual language programs?

    Currently, BPS offers dual language programs in Spanish/English in selected elementary schools and in one high schools. We also offer Haitian Creole/English programming at the Mattahunt Elementary School. In addition, we also have an American Sign Language (ASL)/English dual language program at the Horace Mann School for the Deaf. 

    Are dual language programs the same as two-way immersion programs?

    Yes, dual language programs as defined in BPS are also known as two-way immersion programs.

    Are there any recommendations to enroll my child in a dual language program?

    It is recommended that students enter the dual language programs at kindergarten. The child must be proficient in either English or Spanish (for the Spanish DLP). In some cases, a new student who has proficiency in the target language (Spanish) may be enrolled into a DLP beyond grade 1. Consult your local dual language program school for details and enrollment procedures.

For more information

  • For more information, please contact the OEL Instruction Team at oellinstructionteam@bostonpublicschools.org or call 617-635-9435.

    Please click on the link to learn more about the Language Opportunities for Our Kids (LOOK) Act Implementation at BPS.