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    Reading is such an important part of kindergarten. To help your child develop their reading skills, you should read to them every night! It doesn't matter how long you read, which books you choose, or what language you're reading in - as long as you're reading together every night! Don't forget the library is a great resource. We were able to help your children get library cards, so check it out whenever you want more books. 
    Here are some more resources that you can use at home, click on the link below!
    Click this link to enjoy stories read aloud by celebrities
    Click this link to enjoy stories read aloud or to read them to your child. 

    Storytelling is a great way develop your child's oral language skills and their early writing skills.  Tell stories with your child as often as you can, and encourage them to tell stories to you too. Stories can be ANYTHING you want them to be! Real or imagined, long or short - it's up to you! Below is a video of Ms. Mann telling a story to her class. If you like it, you can tell this story to your little one too!