Grants at the Boston Public Schools

  • Thank you for visiting the Grants section of the Boston Public Schools! All grants at the Boston Public Schools are housed in one of two locations, which allows for strategic and compliant use of grant funding. 

    Please use the below links to access either the Office of Grants and External Funding website or the Boston Educational Development Foundation (BEDF) website.  
    Click to visit the Office of Federal and State Grants' Website
    The Office of Grants and External Funding houses and manages all Federal, State, and local funding, as well as some private funding, to assure all dollars are being compliantly and strategically used to support the education of all children in the district. 
    Visit the Office of Grants and External Funding for information about applying to grants, finding grants, grant management at BPS, facts and figures about grants at the Boston Public Schools, strategic use of funds, and grant compliance. 
    Click to visit the BEDF website  

    The Boston Education Development Foundation (BEDF) is the 501(c)(3) Fiscal Partner dedicated to improving educational opportunities for students in BPS.

    Visit the BEDF website for more information about BEDF and managing private grant funds housed in BEDF.  

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