Title II-A | High Quality Teachers and Principals

  • The purpose of Title IIA funding is to increase student achievement through comprehensive district initiatives that focus on the preparation, training, recruitment, and retention of highly qualified educators. These initiatives should be aligned with Massachusetts' reform efforts and should help districts meet the NCLB goals and requirements for highly qualified teachers, instructional paraprofessionals in Title I targeted assistance and schoolwide programs, and high -quality professional development as well as improve the overall quality of all educators, including administrators, within the district.

Title IIA Initiatives

  • In FY17, the Boston Public Schools is strategically using Title IIA funds to fund 3 major initiatives. 
         Click for more information on the BPS Early Hiring initiative     Click for more information on the BPS Diversity Initiative     Click for more information on the BPS New Teacher Development initiative

Title IIA Fast Facts

  • Funder: Federal grant passed through the State
    FY19 Award Amount: $3,902,446
    Time Period: 1 year
    Number of Students Served: 56,000
    Schools Served: all schools districtwide
    Program Manager: Anu Jayanth