Superintendent Chang's 100-Day Plan

  • Since August 2015, the Boston Public Schools Transition Team has committed to inform the thinking for the 100-Day Plan and the start of a strategic Three-Year Plan. Our team has traveled across the city to learn about Boston’s schools and listen to stories of bright spots and areas that need attention to ensure every student achieves excellence. We met more than 1,500 members of the community and visited nearly 30 schools in June alone. Together, we have built a library of more than 1,000 suggestions and recommendations. The 100-Day Plan began on September 8, 2015, the first day of school. It is centered around five value statements, which are at the heart of our approach:
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    Under each value statement, we describe one or more projects that we intend to complete by the end of January 2016. Our 100-Day Plan work will inform our Three-Year Plan that will be unveiled in September 2016. Throughout, we will continue listening and learning about what our schools are doing well and what we need to do in order to better support all of our students. We are excited to engage with students, staff, families, and communities over the next 100 days to make the vision in this document a reality, so that we can be one step closer to having all of our students graduate prepared for college, career, and life.

    Read the complete 100-Day Plan here.

    Dr. Chang and the leaders of the 100 Day Plan projects provided an update on learnings at the January 27, 2016 school committee meeting. Click here to view the video of the meeting.


    All youth can and must achieve at high levels.

    science lab


    Advanced Work Class: Create a plan to expand AWC to all students who wish to enroll and submit the preliminary plan to the Boston School Committee’s newly created Opportunity and Achievement Gap Task Force for review.

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    Mass Core: Complete an audit of all high schools to identify (i) which offer the necessary coursework to complete MassCore curriculum, and (ii) what is needed to ensure that all schools offer a complete MassCore program. Present the preliminary findings to the Opportunity and Achievement Gap Task Force for their review.

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    We innovate and transform teaching and learning to inspire excellence.


    automotive Projects  

    High School Redesign: Develop a three-year plan for Madison Park that serves as the launch site for initial high school redesign strategies. The plan will better align its academic and vocational education programs so that students receive the academic and real world foundations they need to prepare them for college, career, and responsible civic participation. This will include expanding and deepening partnerships with community colleges, universities, and local businesses. 
    Extended Learning Time: Carefully examine the use of instructional and adult collaborative time in the 16 schools that comprise the newly created Extended Learning Time initiative. Draw immediate lessons about promising practices and effective management strategies from this implementation process. Refine the application and school selection process based on lessons from the first round.

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    Those closest to students must be empowered and held accountable for making the most critical decisions that lead to student achievement.


    profdev Project

    Central Office Support: Undertake a design process with school leaders to identify what effective central office support should look like for school leaders and Instructional Learning Teams, what professional development is needed to build central office capacity to deliver that support, and what metrics schools will use to provide input on the quality of central office support.

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    Every child should have access to a high quality school of their choice close to home.


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    Performance Meter: Create a Performance Meter that is available to parents, students, and the community.


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    Long Term Financial Plan: Convene a working group, led by the superintendent, which includes district, city, and state officials to begin planning the creation of a multiyear financial plan.

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    We must build a “Culture of We” that is embraced by students, staff, families, and community.


    parent u Project

    Communications: Create an internal communications plan that both sets guidelines for school to community communications and also sets a strategy for two-way communications between (i) Central Office and principals, (ii) Central Office and teachers, and (iii) Central Office and parents.

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