Principal's Corner

  • Brian Radley, Winship Principal

    Brian Radley, Winship Principal

    Greetings! The Winship Elementary school is a small school located in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, MA. Great learning takes place here everyday! Minds are shaped and formed to critically think and view the world from multiple perspectives.

    At the Winship, teachers provide students with wonderful hands-on learning experiences and opportunities that are engaging! Learning experiences incorporate use of technology and are created to meet student needs. At the Winship, we are focused on providing all students with increased learning experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. We also partner with various community organizations such as Playworks, City Connects, and the YMCA daily, in order to provide our students with tools and skills needed to meet the needs of the whole child.

    We work as a team, as a culture of we at the Winship school. Meeting the needs of all of our students, every day.

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