Parent Council

  • Grew Parent Council 

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 Grew SPC!


    What is the Grew SPC?


    All Boston Public Schools have an independently established School Parent Council (SPC) to represent the voices of ALL families in our community. As a parent or legal guardian of a Grew student, you are automatically a member of the Grew SPC. Together, we engage all families in our community to support the school by harnessing our collective time, skills and/or financial support:


    1. We collaborate with school staff to create a welcoming school for all students and families.
    2. We coordinate school-wide activities and events, such as BINGO night and Winter Wonderland.
    3. We provide a safe and inclusive forum for families to express concerns and share ideas.
    4. We raise funds to support school-based initiatives, activities and events.


    What does it mean to “join” if I’m automatically a member?


    We invite anyone interested to join our monthly meetings. We generally meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 5:30 - 6:30 at the Grew to discuss what is happening with the SPC and the school in general, and we ensure SPC projects are progressing as planned. We hope to have at least one family per class on the council this year, and we want to make sure that all neighborhoods are represented.


    To join us, simply ring the bell near the front door, and you will be buzzed into the school and directed to the meeting space. While childcare is not provided, children are certainly able to attend when necessary. We know that securing evening child care is not always easy!


    How can I be involved if I’m not interested/able to attend meetings?


    So many ways! We are always looking for support in planning and attending school events, representing the school on district issues and fundraising, to name a few. Please fill out our survey to let us know how to contact you and what are your skills and interests. Please be sure to Like our Facebook page to stay connected to our online community:, and email us at if you have any questions or ideas for the SPC this year!