Parent Council

  • Grew Parent Council

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 Grew SPC!


    The Grew School Parent Council (SPC) seeks to represent the voices of every family in our school community. All parents and guardians of Grew students are AUTOMATICALLY members of the Grew SPC. Together, we contribute to the Grew’s success by harnessing our collective time, skills and/or financial support:


    1. We collaborate with school staff to create a welcoming school for all students and families.

    2. We coordinate school-wide events, such as BINGO night and Winter Wonderland.

    3. We provide a safe and inclusive forum for families to share ideas and express concerns.

    4. We contribute funds or in-kind donations (e.g., supplies) to support school-based activities.

    Meetings are held once a month throughout the school year to plan and coordinate activities. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! If you aren't able to do so, there are still ways to participate in SPC efforts by attending school events, representing the school on district issues and/or helping with fundraising efforts. Please be sure to Like our Facebook page to stay connected to our online community, and email us at if you have any questions or ideas for the SPC this year! Thank you!