Parent Council


    Grew School Parent Council Information Sheet

    SPC Agenda and Minutes


    Welcome to the 2021-2022 Grew SPC!


    All Boston Public Schools have an independently established School Parent Council (SPC) to represent the voices of every family in each school community. As a parent or guardian of a Grew student, you are automatically a member of the Grew SPC. Together, we contribute to the Grew’s success by harnessing our collective time, skills and/or financial support:
      • We collaborate with school staff to create a welcoming school for all students and families.
      • We coordinate school-wide events, such as BINGO night and Winter Wonderland.
      • We provide a safe and inclusive forum for families to share ideas and express concerns.
      • We contribute funds or in-kind donations (e.g., supplies) to support school-based activities.
    Each year the SPC decides what events it will host for the Grew, how to support the school and share information among families about district-wide initiatives. Monthly meetings and ongoing communications ensure SPC’s success.
    Monthly SPC meetings improve communication among families and ensure SPC plans are on track. We hope to have at least one family per class on the council this year, and we want to make sure that all neighborhoods are represented. While childcare is not provided, children are certainly invited to attend if that helps parents and guardians join the meetings. We know that securing evening childcare is not always easy!
    Whether or not you are able to attend meetings, there are many ways to be involved! Attend school events, contribute to fundraising efforts, volunteer as a chaperone for school field trips, represent the school on district committees and help plan events with other SPC members.
    Send a message to to sign-up for SPC emails, and follow us at We look forward to growing together at the Grew!