• As a school, we aim to model the approach to Teaching and Learning from Expeditionary Learning:
    • Learning is Active
    • Learning is Challenging
    • Learning is Meaningful
    • Learning is Public
    • Learning is Collaborative  
    The curriculums used across the grade levels are aligned to the principles, teaching and learning approaches of Expeditionary Learning. We are focusing on giving our students the strategies to think critically about the work they are doing, and how we as adults provide them feedback to facilitate their learning. We want our teaching and learning to be student-driven and not solely teacher-led. 

K0 and K1 Curriculum

  • Opening the World of Learning (OWL) is the ELA/Literacy curriculum for K0/K1. Building Blocks is the Math curriculum for the grade level. The OWL and Building Blocks curriculum consists of six thematic units: 

    • Unit 1: Family (Sept. 22nd - Oct. 31st)
    • Unit 2: Friends (Nov. 3rd- Dec. 12th)
    • Unit 3: Wind and Water (Dec. 15th-Jan. 30th) 
    • Unit 4: Wonderful World of Color (Feb. 2nd - March 20th)
    • Unit 5: Shadows and reflections (Mar.23rd - May 1st)
    • Unit 6: Things that Grow (May 4th - June 12th)

K2 Curriculum: Focus on K2

  • The creation of the Focus on K2 curriculum was inspired by the Expeditionary Learning, Engage New York and Conservatory Lab Curriculum units. The curriculum is effective inchild engagement and student-driven thinking. This curriculum consists of four thematic units:

    • Unit 1: Our Community (Sept. 8th - Oct. 24th)
    • Unit 2: Animals and Habitats (Oct. 27th - Jan. 23rd)
    • Unit 3: Construction (Jan. 26th - March 27th)
    • Unit 4: Our Earth (Mar. 30th - June 5th) 


    TERC Investigations is the Math Curriculum for Grades K2 - 5th grade in BPS. THe Investigations curriculum contains seven units:

    • Unit 1: Developing Cardinality and Counting Objects (Sept. 9th - Oct. 17th)
    • Unit 2: Counting and Comparing (Oct. 20th - Nov. 26th)
    • Unit 3: Geometry (Dec. 1st - Jan. 9th)
    • Unit 4: Measurement (Jan. 12th - Mar. 6th)
    • Unit 5: Addition and Subtraction (Mar. 9th - Apr. 17th)
    • Unit 6: Ten and Teen Numbers (Apr. 27th - May 29th)
    • Unit 7: Data (June 1st - June 19th)