• High Fives at GPA

    At GPA, we have always taught and held students accountable to showing the core values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, and academic achievement.

    As a school implementing PBIS we identified behaviors that we wanted to see from students in various locations/settings (classroom, hallways, bathroom, etc.) At the start of the school year, every classroom (specialists included) teach students what the expectations are and HOW to behave in each of those locations. Each person in our school building reinforces students' positive choices by giving them positive praise and handing them a "high five" (paper cut out of a hand) intermittently when we see them displaying the behaviors appropriate for the location they are in. Students collect these hands and they go on some form of a class chart. Once all students have contributed to the class chart with hands they have earned and they reach a certain community goal, they enjoy a class community incentive. Students covet these hands.