• Uniforms

    The school Governing Board established mandatory uniforms as a policy for the Gardner. All students (K1-8) are to come to school wearing the school uniform.
    The school uniform for Gardner students is a maroon GPA polo shirt and navy blue khaki pants/skirt. Appropriate dress must be worn at all times. All skirts and shorts must be knee length and pants must be clean and worn around the waist. Students should wear rubber-soled shoes (no heels or flip flops for safety concerns with recess and sports). In the event that students arrive at school inappropriately dressed the parent or guardian will be called to bring in appropriate school wear.

    Where to order:

    Uniforms for the school can be purchased at www.frenchtoast.com
    Our school code is QS44VN
    Uniforms are also available to purchase at *L&M Bargain Store located in Roslindale and Dorchester:
    *L&M carries all your uniform needs. Please keep in mind L&M only carries short sleeve UNISEX GPA polos. If you would like to choose from more varieties (long sleeve, non unisex, sweaters, vests) you can order online from frenchtoast.com
    Any questions on how to purchase uniforms should be directed to the school office or our parent coordinator, Nicolasa Lopez.