Types of Educator Plans

  • The evaluator's first step is to select the best plan for each educator. There are four plan options:
    • Self-directed Growth Plan (one or two school years)
    • Developing Educator Plan (one school year)
    • Directed Growth Plan (less than one school year)
    • Improvement Plan (30 calendar days to less than one school year) 

    Plan selection should be based on the educator's employment status and previous rating. In some situations, the evaluator has the option to adjust the type and length of a plan. Use the following resources to guide plan selection.

    Getting Started Resources:

    Educators can select and view major dates for each plan below.

    cycleglance devplan 1ysdgp
    Evaluation Cycle At-A-Glance Developing Educator Plan One-Year Self-Directed Educator Plan
    2ysdgp dgp ip
    Two-Year Self-Directed Educator Plan Directed Growth Plan Improvement Plan