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    Resources for Teens 

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    • Library of Congress - Online interactive reading and learning resources for kids from the Library of Congress.
    • Project Gutenberg - 45,000 free audio and eBooks that can be viewed online or downloaded to an eBook reader.


    • Kids.gov - Educational games for teens in all subjects, from science to the arts!
    • Illuminations Math App Games - Free downloadable math app games for your mobile devices!
    • Illuminations - More online math activities and games for kids of all ages!
    • iCivics - Online games to learn about civics and the government.


    • Britannica Middle School Edition (spanish link here) 
    • Britannica American History - Focuses specifically on US History resources and research, allowing students to browse by topic or by author.
    • Britannica World Data - Provides a research resource for students who want to learn about other countries and cultures.
    • Infotrac - Provides an easy way for students to search newspapers, maps, magazines, and more!
    • Infobits Junior - Targeting the research needs of grades K-5 students. Blackbirch Press curriculum support references, 100 full-text age appropriate magazines and 2 newswires. Graphs, charts, maps and over 2,500 searchable images.
    • SIRS - Resource for beginning learners and researchers in grades 6-9; articles and images from more than 1,900 newspapers, magazines, and documents, along with 9,000+ educational web links.
    • Science Fair Guidelines and Resources - If you’ve never done a science fair project before, DON’T PANIC! The IPL’s Science Fair Project Resource Guide will help you through the whole project by guiding you to a variety of excellent web resources.
    • Boston Public Library - An open resource for all Boston students with a library card, from newspapers to journals and electronic books.


    • Boston Globe - Free access to the Boston Globe (current issue and archives)
    • New York Times - Free access to the New York Times (current issue and archives)