• Technology Is the Key
    There are many technologies available to provide greater access to students. The UDL principles challenge teachers to present and engage students in multiple ways. As such, students should be provided with options in regards to audio, video, web based resources, project based assignments, and cooperative learning alternatives. Although there are many ways to leverage multiple tools in the classroom, a few of the tools teachers have found most useful can be found below. 
    Common Technologies Available in Boston Public Schools

    Document Cameras 

    One example of a technology that provides greater access is a document camera. Document cameras allow teachers and students to magnify anything to allow the entire class to see. Teachers can instantly display student work, science artifacts and even demonstrate problem solving with manipulatives. The document camera simply projects what is happening in front of the camera on a large screen or white space. 

    Common Technologies in Boston Public Schools

    There are many technologies available to every teacher, every day to begin make learning more accessible for every student.

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    The word cloud below lists some of the resources all teachers can use. Use the links to find additional information to make your classroom more dynamic. (Created at Tagul.com)