• IV-F-2: Reliability and Responsibility
    Needs Improvement
    Frequently misses or is late to assignments, makes errors in records, and/or misses paperwork deadlines; frequently late or absent. Occasionally misses or is late to assignments, completes work late, and/or makes errors in records. Consistently fulfills professional responsibilities; is consistently punctual and reliable with paperwork, duties, and assignments; and is rarely late or absent from school. Consistently fulfills all professional responsibilities to high standards. Is able to model this element.
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    Resource Name Description Resource Type
    new! 15 Smart Ways to Prevent Teacher Burnout That Really Work (We Are Teachers) These are the things that veteran teachers say keep them going. Article
    Signs of professionalism in teachers Discusses the importance of professionalism for teachers and tips to how to be professional. Short Article
    How to be a professional teacher Illustrated guide with 26 steps to being a professional teacher. Guide
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