At C.A.S.H., one of the first people any student will meet is our Nurse, Ms. Conille. Nurse Conille is at the forefront of the intake process with our students as well as heading the Student Support Team. In addition, Nurse Conille handles the everyday medical needs that arise for our students like distributing medication to unique emergencies that may come up.
    To better assist you and your student, please make sure that Nurse Conille has updated immunization and physical records. If you are not sure, or if you have any other medically-related questions, please feel free to contact her! In the meantime, button up! Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly as it is cold and flu season.  As the weather is changing, let’s be prepared and stay as healthy as possible.


    There are two mandatory trainings:
    1. Life Threatening Allergies
    2. Blood Borne Pathogens
    These trainings must be completed by October 15th. Please note, each training is available online at the BPS Health Services website. Each staff should print out the certificate at completion of the Life Threatening Allergies training and the post test for Blood Borne Pathogens and submit them to the Nurse only. Staff will then have to a an in-person demonstration of the use of an Epipen to complete the training. 
    Each staff member must also submit proof of Varicella either by vaccine or history of disease. This is also due October 15th.