• II-B-3: Student Motivation
    Needs Improvement
    Directs all learning experiences, providing few, if any, opportunities for students to take academic risks or challenge themselves to learn. Creates some learning experiences that guide students to identify needs, ask for support, and challenge themselves to take academic risks. Consistently creates learning experiences that guide students to identify their strengths, interests, and needs; ask for support when appropriate; take academic risks; and challenge themselves to learn. Consistently supports students to identify strengths, interests, and needs; ask for support; take risks; challenge themselves; set learning goals; and monitor their own progress. Models these skills for colleagues.
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    Resource Name Description Resource Type
    new! Equitable Literacy and CLSP Resources Boston Public Schools' Equity and CLSP Toolkit. This toolkit includes resources for professional learning aligned with BPS' Mission, Vision, and Theory of Action. BPS Website
    new! What is Motivation and Why does it Matter So Much? About building relationships and providing the substance in such a way that students know it is not you and the curriculum against them but you and them learning the curriculum together. Book/PDF
    Top 12 Ways to Motivate Students This website offers very basic and applicable ideas about increasing student motivation that are applicable to a range of classrooms. Website
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