WRA School-Site Council

  • Many decisions affecting the education of BPS students are made in schools. School-based decision making is the responsibility of the School Site Council.  Each Boston public school shall elect a School Site Council.  Members of the School Site Council should be elected by October 15th of each year to serve until a successor Council is elected.  The SSC includes the Headmaster, Assistant Headmaster, teachers, parents, students, and sometimes others (such as a community member or other members of the school staff). The number of parents on the SSC must equal the number of professional educators.


    WRA Parent Council  

    The parent council allows for parents to speak about issues, concerns, school policies, and other things that are pertinent to their student’s development.  Participation on the parent council allows parents to be informed about their student and school structures that affect their student.  West Roxbury Academy strongly recommends parental participation through the parent council, open houses, and correspondence with teachers and other staff.