1. What are the school hours?
    Our school hours are 7:30am-1:50pm.
    2.  What happens if I am late to school?

    We have an expectation that teaching and learning BEGINS at 7:30am. If a student enters the building after that time, they are considered tardy and will have to sign in at the tardy computer. Parents will be notified throughout the week to receive notification of impending tardiness.  
    3. What is the uniform policy?
    Students are not required to wear uniforms to school. Many students still choose to use them. However, they are NOT mandatory. Appropriate dress is mandated and we will ask students to change if we deem their outfits as inappropriate.
    4.  Can I bring my own lunch to school?
    Yes you can! Breakfast and lunch are free to all students. However, if a student wishes to bring their own lunch, they will have access to microwaves in the cafeteria for their convenience. 
    5. Are AP and Dual Enrollment courses available at C.A.S.H.? 
    Yes, C.A.S.H. currently has a number of AP courses and Dual Enrollment partnerships with several local colleges and universities. Please see the Guidance Department page for more information.
    6.  What are the school colors and mascot?
    Our mascot is the Chargers and our school colors are green and gold.
    7. What activities are there to get involved in at C.A.S.H.?
    There are tons! C.A.S.H. has expanded the engagement opportunities and continues to grow the afterschool opportunities. If there is something you would like to do that is not listed speak to Ms. Hassan.  
    8. What are the policies regarding COVID in place at C.A.S.H.?
    It is our goal to keep everyone in our community safe. Boston Public Schools, however, no longer provides take-home tests or on-site testing at school. Students who are not feeling well should stay home and test. If COVID positive, students should report it to our school nurse and follow CDC Guidelines.