P.A. Shaw Mission Statement

  • We at the P.A. Shaw believe in developing critical thinkers and active citizens in the community. Through rigorous instruction, inquiry-based learning and family-community engagement practices, we will foster the relationships necessary to ensure that all children are successful and take ownership of who they are, where they come from and where they are going. 

Vision Statement

  • We at the Shaw, understand that the Vision for our school is truly shaped by the hopes and dreams of our families. Below, you will find what our families shared are the hopes and dreams they have for their children. It's our intent to support both students and families to achieve these goals.


    What type of school or education are you hoping to have your child receive?

    • Building a strong foundation for learning
    • Structured learning environment
    • Culturally diverse and inclusive
    • Consistency and genuine leaders
    • Hands on Learning
    • An inclusive school that sees and values the whole child
    • Build a strong sense of community as well as great, self-esteem
    • My dreams and hopes for my child’s education is that he becomes a well rounded learner that continue to develop his love for learning. I want him in a school environment that is nurturing and open to all learners.
    • For a community that involves parents and has support and communication
    • I want my child to be able to grow and learn and be able to communicate better with others
    • Be humble to all things that are valuable to him
    • I want an engaging and fun environment. A place where my child looks forward to go to every morning as well as come back from school and actually talk about what they learned. Hands on learning is also a plus!
    • Our hopes and dreams are that she is in a learning environment that is engaging and has high expectations of students
    • To get the full and utmost education, that she can use in her future
    • To obtain the best education
    • Joy and a love of learning. Respect and social development, compassion and critical understanding--in the future a second or third language. To be excellent and respectful

P.A. Shaw Core Values

  • Staff engaged in a process of identifying all the values we would like our students to embody in being a member of the P.A. Shaw community. We have chosen to highlight these three core values:

    • Respect

    • Excellence

    • Perseverance