BOSTON PIC @ C.A.S.H. 
    The PIC is the connection between education and workforce, between school and career, and between classroom and the workplace. PIC initiatives thrive on the synergy created when business and community needs overlap. The result is a win-win situation: Businesses develop the workforce they need and Boston residents gain access to career opportunities and higher incomes. Some of the programs ran at C.A.S.H. are as follows:

    Job Shadow Career Explorations 

    The PIC organizes a range of career exploration programs to help high school students understand the career opportunities available to them after completing school. Employers participate in these programs, whether at the workplace or the school, so that the experience is real for the students. Students and employers, alike, often participate in one of these initiatives before participating in a summer job or internship.
    Youth Employment

    Early work experience is a critical factor in determining future success. Students who gain work experience during high school enjoy higher employment rates and earnings later in life. Additionally, these students stay in school, graduate high school, and enroll in college at higher rates than their peers. These benefits compound over a lifetime.

    The best way to learn how to succeed in a job is to have one. PIC employer organizers broker thousands of jobs forBiogen Lab  motivated students in the Boston Public Schools. Many of these jobs are provided by Boston's most recognized businesses in industries such as financial services, health care, higher education, construction and engineering, technology, and law. Through a series of job readiness workshops and career exploration programs, PIC career specialists prepare students to interview for these jobs and to find employment on their own.
    Classroom at the Workplace

    Classroom at the Workplace combines academic support with employment and career development opportunities for Boston public high school students who have failed the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) exam.  Although passing the MCAS is a requirement to graduate, 27% of the Class of 2014 failed at least one of the three required subjects. 

    • Classes are offered in biology, math, and English Language Arts
    • Massachusetts certified teachers teach classes of 10-15 students
    • Classes are held at professional work sites and local colleges
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