Collective Bargaining Agreements, Conditions of Employment, and Salary Grids

  • The Office of Labor Relations negotiates and administers the Boston Public School's collective bargaining agreements with the Unions that represent Boston Public Schools employees. The Boston Public Schools has approximately 14 bargaining units covering 10,000+ employees. The contracts for some of the Boston Public School's largest labor unions, as well as the Managerial Conditions of Employment, can be found below.

    Teachers and other BTU Members

    Boston Association of School Administrators and Supervisors

    Managerial Employees

    Salary Determination for BTU Teachers:
    Teachers, nurses, guidance counselors, and other BTU related service providers​ will be placed on the appropriate grade and step based on review of your official undergraduate and graduate transcripts and letter(s) of outside service.

    Grade Placement:
    • Master's degrees are considered 30 graduate credits, and any graduate-level credits above that will count towards the next grade (Masters +15, etc.) Keep track of your credits to take full advantage of your salary benefits.

    Step Placement:

    • Up to 3 years of "outside service" credit will be granted with a valid Outside Service Letter from your previous district. The letter must be on official letterhead from your previous school district and state the following: 
      • Dates of employment
      • Confirmation that you were a full-time licensed teacher (or service provider)
      • That you worked at least 160 days under contract
    • Up to 3 years of "inside service" credit will be granted for the following:
      • Prior BPS substitutes will advance one step for each 120 days worked per school year
      • Prior BPS paraprofessionals will advance one step for each 3 years worked as a
        paraprofessional in the BPS district.

    Please Note: BTU members working in schools or departments with salary autonomy (e.g. Level 5, turnaround, Pilot or In-District Charter schools) may differ from the standard BTU salaries. If you are moving from autonomous school to traditional school​ (without additional transcripts or letter of outside service), your salary will revert to the BTU salary.

    Salary Determination for BTU Paraprofessionals: 
    Newly hired paraprofessionals ​will be placed on step one and the appropriate grade based on your official undergraduate and graduate transcripts (up to bachelors + 15 credits). Paraprofessionals will automatically advance one-step on the salary schedule every 3 years worked as a paraprofessional in the district. If you are a returning paraprofessional you will be placed on the step you last held in the district as a paraprofessional.