• Student dress and overall appearance should foster a positive and productive environment, reflecting pride in one's self as well as our school. If it is determined that a student's dress may detract from the academic experience and learning environment at USA, then the student will be required to change his or her clothing item(s) that conflict with the guidelines outlined.

    Dress Code Guidelines

    • Any clothing that allows the midriff, cleavage, undergarments, or bare back to be exposed is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to the following: excessively baggy or tight pants/leggings, tank tops, spaghetti strap/halter/mesh tops, see through shirts, tube tops or crop tops.

    • Under clothing may not be exposed.

    • No mini skirts, mini dresses, shorts, pants etc. that hang below the waistline, sit on the hip or lower, or show underwear. Appropriate length is to the end of the fingertips when arms are directly by one’s side.

    • Leggings may be worn with an oversized shirt that falls at the thigh area.

    • Clothing, patches, buttons, pins, jewelry, backpacks that have any of the following negative or derogatory images are not permitted: sexually suggestive writing/pictures; advocate violence, advertise or promote the use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs; have double meaning wording or obscene language/gestures/slurs.

    • Hats, head coverings (except those intended for religious purposes), caps, gloves, and sunglasses are not permitted.

    *The administration will give consideration to the appropriateness of the above for "Spirit Days" and special school events.