MODEL UN @ C.A.S.H.

    The United Nations Association of Greater Boston's Model UN program is filling a critical gap in our local educationModel UN system. The program is designed to ensure that more students, regardless of socioeconomic background, develop the skills necessary for academic achievement and workplace success through a focus on real-world global challenges and experiential learning. We work hard to inform, inspire and mobilize members of the community to engage with critical global issues central to the work and mission of the United Nations. 

    Existing in the classroom, the Model UN mission is the same. Model UN is a skills-based, college preparatory program in which students represent one of the 193 UN member nations to discuss, debate, and craft resolutions on pressing international issues. Through in-depth research and role-play, students learn to critically analyze complex global issues from new perspectives, work with others to come to an agreement, offer tangible solutions, and ultimately become leaders who inspire others! 

    The ultimate goals of this class are to inform students about the critical global issues central to the work and mission of the United Nations; to inspire students to make the principles of the UN and its agencies applicable and meaningful in their own lives and communities; and lastly to mobilize the broader community to connect with others with shared global interests and goals, to dialogue about solutions to global issues, and to advocate for a constructive US/UN relationship.

    Unique to CASH, our Model UN students actually receive instruction as an entire class whereas every other school only gives Model UN as an afterschool elective. This being the case, CASH Model UN students are exposed to a lot more curriculum and are able to participate in mock debates as ambassadors from around the world.