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    MUSIC @ C.A.S.H.
    As noted in our homepage gallery, the Music program at C.A.S.H. has been awarded a Community Grammy Award for our excellence in Music Education.
    Our Music Education program provides a phenomenal opportunity for our students to learn music techniques from the ground-up. In partnership with the Berklee College of Music, CASH has a full-time Music Director as well as several Berklee faculty that assist in instrument instruction. A student does not have to have any music experience to be a part of our music program. In fact, we take pride in teaching students music who’ve never learned before. 
    Our band features brass and woodwind instruments. They are accompanied by a Drumline booming drum line that performs with and without the band. Not only does our band play for in-house events, but our band has been invited for several years in a row to play at Berklee College of Music's renowned Performance Hall. Our band and drum line also participates in local parades

    Vocally, CASH has a choir that meets after school weekly to lift their voices with inspirational and contemporary music. Our choir sings at a variety of events including holiday festivities, graduation and other sporadic Band opportunities they have to show off their great harmonic talents.
    As an elective, the Music Department provides creative options for students to learn everything from music techniques to theory and everything in-between.
    Encourage your student to continue in their band/music participation. Check out our band in action below.