Stand  In partnership with local colleges including Bunker Hill, Roxbury Community College, Benjamin Franklin and now Wentworth, C.A.S.H. is positioning our students to succeed in a unique and transformative way.

    At each of these institutions, students in their junior and/or senior years can take college courses that will count both for their high school AND college credits. This means that a student can take college classes FOR FREE and graduate with several credits towards college.

    Dual Enrollment not only is gives our students the opportunity to gain credits, but it also begins the transition process of the college experience. Our students will experience the flexibility and autonomy that college offers by having to travel to their classes at their respective colleges. Our students will get to spend time on their campuses, utilize the facilities for studying and leisure as well as interact with college professors and college students that may be in their classes.
    This is indeed a unique experience that propels and equips our students to succeed.
    If you are interested in Dual Enrollment or if you would like to know your options, please visit the Guidance Department, today!