•    BSA
    At C.A.S.H., we are excited about our partnership with the B.S.A. The "Charger Zone" is dedicated to making sure that our athletes make and maintain the grades necessary to be eligible for sports. Though the Boston Public Schools minimum GPA for students to play sports is a 1.67, at C.A.S.H. we want our minimum to be a 2.0. We really encourage our students around the important of their academic performance which compliments their performance on the field/court.
    The B.S.A. exists to enforce just that.
    Running Monday-Thursday is the ZONE where tutoring is available from 2:35-4:00pm. These are open times mandated for our athletes and any student needing help. There are laptopsAll-star available and students have every opportunity to complete their work before heading to practices.
    In addition, the B.S.A. nominates student-athletes for a variety of city-wide awards and scholarships. Students can earn B.S.A. "bucks" and use them to purchase paraphernalia found in The Zone.
    For more information about The Zone or to know how your child can get involved (athlete or not), e-mail Mr. Kiley!!