·      To access MyHub from a computer on the BPS or City of Boston server, you can simply type the word “Hub” in the address bar of your browser, and hit <Enter>. For other computers, go to: https://hub.cityofboston.gov


    ·      For User ID, enter your six-digit employee ID number, which is printed on your pay stub.


    ·      The first time logins, your password is “boston”, followed by the last four digits of your social security number.  E.g. if your SSN is 123-45-6789, your password is boston6789.


    ·      Click on the “Yes” button to view secure and non-secure items


    ·      Create your new password. Do not share your password with anyone.  Anyone with access to your account in The Hub will have access to your confidential personnel information.


    Special Note: Please check bi-weekly BPS Superintendent’s Bulletin  bia via email and Superintendent Circulars via BPS website for updated information and BPS related announcements






    Here are the tabs listed on the top of the MyHub page:


    ·       My Hub Home


                Important Announcements

                These are City of Boston announcements. Go to BPS website for BPS announcements


                Employee Directory Search

                This is a search tool for the City of Boston employees. Go to the BPS website to search for BPS employees


    ·       My Pay


                Direct Deposit

                Add or make changes to direct deposit


                View Paycheck

                You can access all your current and past paychecks here


                Employee Leave Summary

                Shows you your balance for sick days, personal days, vacation days, and floating holidays 


                Voluntary Deductions

                View, add or change your 403B (paycheck deductions)


                W-2 Release Request

                Request your W-2 to be reissued here


                W-4 Tax Information

                View your W-4 tax information. You will need to submit a new W-4 form to BPS Office of Human Capital to change your number of allowances claimed on your taxes   


                Direct Deposit Form

                Self-serve online to view, add or change your direct deposit


                General Deductions Authorization Form

                Fill out this form and submit to BPS payroll to add or change your general deductions           



                State Tax Withholding

                Fill out this form and submit to BPS Human Capital to add or change your state tax withholdings



    ·       My Benefits/Personal Info


                Email Address

                You can add additional email addresses. Your official work email address cannot be changed as this will be used for all BPS communication. Even if you checked the box for a different email address to be your preferred address, all BPS communication will still be sent to your official work email address


                Emergency Contact

                Please make sure that this information is continuously updated


                Home and Mailing Address

                A home address is required for all BPS employees. Only list mailing address if different from home address. If not, please leave blank.


                Personal Information Summary

                View your personal information      


                Phone Numbers

                View and change your phone number


                View Benefits Summary

                List of benefits you are currently receiving


                Credit Union

                Information on how to join the credit union


                Employee Assistance Program

                This is available to all employees. This is a referral system to provide a variety of assistance programs to you.


                Health Insurance Opt-Out

                Only certain employees will be eligible to opt-out of the health insurance. Review information on this page to see if you are eligible


                Health Plan Comparison

                Further information to help you decide on the various health plans offered by the City of Boston    


                Holiday Calendar 2014

                This is the official calendar for the City of Boston. For BPS employees, go to the BPS website


                Summary of Employee Benefits

                Please be advised that not all benefits apply to BPS employees. Refer to your contracts to get accurate information about your benefits, which may vary based on your union. You can only change your health benefits during the open enrollment period


                Voluntary Benefits Vendor List

                List of 403B and 457 vendors


                BPS Leave of Absence Form

                For school-based employees only. All other employees must submit PS03 form to BPS Office of Human Capital


    Important Note: For name changes, all BPS employees must submit a PS03 form to Office of Human Capital with either a court document or marriage certificate and a new social security card with your name on it.


    ·       My Career Development


                Find A New Job

                Access BPS openings here           


                Salary Information

                Not relevant for BPS employees. Please refer BPS website or your contract for salary information


                BPS Educator License

                Not relevant for BPS employees. BPS employee licenses are verified through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  



                Not relevant for BPS employees. For salary lane changes due to education attainment, submit PS03 form with official transcripts to BPS Office of Human Capital.


                DoIT Training

                Training programs offered by City of Boston

     Last Updated:  11/3/14