C.A.S.H. is a Community-empowered Academy that prepares students from diverse backgrounds to pursue advanced studies and careers in the fields of Science and Health.



    Our vision is to prepare all students to develop the skills and confidence to attain personal, academic, and career goals.  Our students will have multiple opportunities to participate in job shadowing, internships, and hands-on experiences in the fields of science and health.


    CASH has an open-door policy whereby families are directly involved in the school community as collaborators who support student learning.  Parents participate in school leadership, parent-teacher conferences, school initiatives, and post-secondary planning.


    CASH embodies a diverse group of highly qualified educators who are life-long learners invested in helping each student achieve academic excellence.  The team values the importance of cultural competence and respect for one another.


    Strong partnerships provide CASH students with an array of experiential opportunities.  Partners are committed to enhancing the existing rigorous curriculum as well as responding to the intellectual, social and emotional needs of the student.

    Future Plans

    Prior to graduation, students will have the opportunity to complete certification programs in various health professions.  As a result of these professional and academic experiences, all students will be accepted into a post-secondary program.



    Everyone is Respected and Valued.

     Everyone has Ownership.

    Everyone is Accountable.

    Everyone does Rigorous Work.