Whether you graduated last year or you were a founding member of our school, we would like to stay in touch with you! C.A.S.H. is growing and evolving and one of the ways we wish to expand is by including our alumni in what's going on. Several of you have reached out with a desire to give back. Whether you wanted to stop by and help in a classroom, tutor a student afterschool or donate money for prom, we have appreciated your outreach.

    As a school, we want to make that process smoother and create clear lines of communication from us to you. Please take our survey below and share your information with us!

    Alum We want to stay in touch with you!!
    Please be sure to tell your Alumni friends about this site as well. We want to plan events just for you! Also, whenever you have time to give back, please consider doing so. Your contributions, whatever they may be, are indeed appreciated.