High School Graduation Requirements

    • 4 years of English Language Arts 
    • 4 years of Mathematics (passing Algebra, Geometry and Advanced Algebra) 
    • 3 years of Sciences 
    • 3 years of Social Science 
    • 3 years of the same World Language (Mandarin or Spanish) 
    • 2 years of the Arts (Visual Arts, Music, or Theater)
    • Physical Education
    • 1 year of Health 
    • CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) completion

    Grade Point Averages/Weighting

    • GPAs are based on Grades 9-12 and are weighted for IB Courses. GPAs include all courses except Pass/Fail courses like Advisory.  
    • Weighting: regular courses 4.0 scale. IB Standard Level (SL) courses 4.5 scale. IB Higher Level (HL) courses 5.0 scale.  

    College Acceptances

    JQUS graduates have been accepted to the following colleges and universities: