The Educator Development & Feedback System (EDFS)

  • The Educator Development & Feedback System is the online educator performance evaluation system for Boston Public Schools. The purpose of the EDFS is to serve as a vehicle for educators and administrators to view and record every step of the evaluation process and to facilitate communication between educators and evaluators about opportunities for development. 

    By housing performance and development information in one place, the district can facilitate more timely feedback and easier access to resources that educators will be able to access consistently throughout and beyond the evaluation cycle. However, the EDFS is not intended to replace face-to-face conversations and educators and evaluators are encouraged to schedule frequent conversations. 

    How it Works

    Educators and Evaluators

    All aspects of educators’ performance evaluation will be stored electronically in the EDFS.  This will ensure that documentation of evaluations and feedback is maintained securely and consistently for all educators in the district.  These components include:

    • Self-assessment and goal proposal - Educators must complete their self-assessment of and proposal for at least one professional practice and one student learning goal (team or individual) in the EDFS.  Following the submission of proposed goals, evaluators will approve or return goals to the educator. 
    • Action Steps - Following the approval of goals, each educator will develop action plans with the assistance of the evaluator to accomplish their professional practice and student learning goals.  The EDFS will capture specific action steps for each individual or team goal, supports and resources for each step, and a timeline or frequency for completing each step.
    • Collection of Artifacts and Observations - Educators and evaluators are both responsible for the submission of artifacts of practice to the online system.  These artifacts should be robust representations of educators’ proficiency across the rubric.  Evaluators are responsible for inputting evidence from observation to the system.  Feedback on an observation should be returned to the teacher in five days.  
    • Formative and Summative Assessment/Evaluation - At the Formative Assessment/Evaluation stage and the Summative Evaluation stage of performance evaluation, the EDFS will capture ratings for educators on each of the four standards and ratings on progress towards achieving professional practice and student learning goals.  Educators will also receive an overall rating in the system.  Educators will be notified via email when reports are complete, and they will have five days to comment on the content of the evaluation.

    Helpful Hints

    •  Make sure you are using an updated browser, and that you clear your browser's cache approximately once a month!  Click HERE for a guidance document that explains how to update your browser and clear your cache.

    Educator Guides for using the EDFS