Step 5: Summative Evaluation

  • A Summative Evaluation occurs at the end of an evaluation cycle and provides feedback that informs an educator’s practice, showing where they stand relative to standards and goals, and what they can work on next. While formatives and the summatives use the same format in VectorEvals+PD, a summative evaluation has implications for an educator’s next evaluation plan type.

Evaluators Should...

    • Check in with the educator at least four weeks prior to the summative deadline.

    • Ratings should include a rationale that makes a claim using evidence (from artifacts and observations) supporting the claim.

    • When issuing a Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory rating:
      1. Provide a prescription. A prescription should include (1) a description of the problem, (2) evidence of the problem, (3) a recommendation for improvement, and (4) refer back to the rationale

      2. Schedule a meeting with the educator

Educators Should...

    • Submit artifacts four weeks prior to the summative deadline.

    • Submit any comments within five school days.

Important Reminders


    • The online system is not intended to replace face-to-face conversations. Experienced evaluators suggest scheduling both the evaluation and a post-evaluation conversation well in advance.

    • VectorEvals+PD allows evaluators to filter text from the formative into the summative evaluation form. This feature is beneficial as it is best practice for evaluators to build on previous assessments of an educator’s practice.